Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The "I'm too Lazy to Take this Stuff Downstairs to the Filing Cabinet" Sack

This sack

is full of many treasures...

to be filed or scrapbooked.

Ok so I didn't actually eat any of this ice cream--unfortunately it's not a sugar day (I think I've mentioned I have a real problem with dessert at all times of the day).
And if I'm being honest, I hate sprinkles, but the kids love them and I needed a splash of yellow :)
BUT just thinking about what it would be like to eat cookies and cream ice cream while I sorted made me real happy!

Towards the top of the pile was some history about my sweet Grandma Moon who passed away several years ago...
Have I mentioned I'm easily distracted?
I am.
I started reading her history and came across this written by my cousin Erica...
"One thing that really stuck out in my mind was how organized my Grandmother was. I think everyone knows that who has been to her house. She has a place for everything..."
I got a little misty thinking how proud Grandma Moon must be of me, finally putting my house in order!
I also read about how meticulous she was at keeping her scrapbooks up to date...so I got back to sorting and chucking.
Then I went through each of the kids piles and put them in the appropriate years.


D says The housewives who dislike their work are the ones who do only the most pressing job at hand. A true homemaker puts her heart into her work and delights in doing everything she possibly can for the happiness and success of her family.

Check out the newest members of my salt and pepper shaker collection!

The mother-in-law gave them to me.
Just because :)

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