Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cleaning Out Drawer #2 of the Filing Cabinet...ohhh the excitement of it all!

This picture actually doesn't do the job justice...I didn't pull the filing cabinet out all the way and there was a whole other section full of manila file folders.

Completely forgot to take a picture of the TOOL...
today it's celery sticks, ate way too much over the weekend.

THE PROCEDURE was the same as Friday's.

After clearing and sorting I tried to file the kids scrapbook folders into this drawer...as you can see that couldn't happen.

These are the hidden file folders...

D says...one word of caution: Be very selective in the material you file and discard the rest of it in the "round file" or the waste paper basket.

D would be so pleased, as almost the entire stack went into the rectangle file (the recycle bin is not round). I haven't looked in these for years so there was no point in keeping them.

This is the stack that I recycled.
If you're having a bad day, I recommend you try chucking some stuff...it will cheer you right up!
I came across a few treasures in my sorting...
I found my "package list"!
(Actually, I had no idea it was lost, or even existed)
While the husband was on his mission I sent him a package on the 24th of every month...it was mostly junk but he was grateful :)

I also found these quotes taped to the inside of the drawer...
I hope they inspire you.

This drawer now holds scrapbook supplies and many years of very cute homemade calendars made by the very talented sister-in-law.

Tomorrow it's on to Drawer #3!


  1. I can't even tell you how my first thought when I clicked on the page was "How did she get a picture of my file cabinet drawer?" After I started breathing again I realized my drawer is much fuller! Whew!

  2. "Be very selective in the material you file and discard the rest of it in the "round file" or the waste paper basket."

    I have the opposite problem...I throw everything directly into the "round file"!

    It always seem to forget how much of a pain it is until I realize I threw it away.

    Diamond Blades