Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cleaning Out Drawer #3 of the Filing Cabinet


No TOOLS today...other than the usual skills.
I did receive this lovely splash of yellow this afternoon...
when we took the baby to the ER for a few stitches...

after she tripped and fell into one of these...

Poor little thing.
And she was having such a good day before all that happened.
She loved sorting through all the paper punches.

She didn't love being strapped to a papoose while the Dr stitched her up.


D says she keeps a "fun file". This is full of ideas for creative activities and fun for children for rainy days or rest time in the afternoon. Such ideas may include a recipe for play dough or finger paint, instructions for making a bubble blower, or a ten-pin game made with clothespins.
I'm really not much of a "craft" mom.
I don't do well with creative messes.
We used to live next door to a craft mom.
The kids loved to go to her house and I loved to send them there.
She did things like laying butcher paper all over the floor so the kids could feet paint.
It would get everywhere and it didn't bother her a bit.
She was the mom my kids will never have.

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  1. Oh how I feel for you! We had to take #5 in for stitches a few weeks ago. It was the first time for stitches out the 5 kids! Thankfully they did the glue stitches. I hope she's doing ok.