Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Schedule

I don't have a before picture but I do have a picture of this amazing lasagna I made
I just used my family recipe and DID NOT pre-cook the lasagna noodles.
It only takes 3-4 hours on high...don't over cook or the noodles will be mushy.
It turned out fabulous--much better than when I burned 2 pans of lasagna back in April when the in laws were over for dinner.

Today is the kids last day of school!
Summer has officially arrived at the Beck house.
The kids are excited.
The mom loves summer!
It's pretty much a 3 month family party.
Which is why I'm a little nervous about the next 3 months.
I don't usually do responsible things like projects and cleaning while the kids are on summer break.
Today's project is a schedule for the family.
I realize the whole point of summer is to have NO schedule but in order for me to stay sane with this whole project thing we have to at least have a schedule on the days that we're home.



I know I know...
6am is way to early to get up
the daughter has to be to her symphony practice Mon-Fri at 7am
if we don't have our scripture study first thing in the morning it just doesn't happen.
They can all go back to bed when we're finished.
Do you like how I "Close the kitchen"?
I have to.
If I don't the kids eat at all hours of the day and the kitchen is in constant chaos.

D tells us
By planning what you want to do at least a day in advance, you'll discover that nearly double the amount of work can be accomplished.

She's know what they say
If you fail to plan you plan to fail and we certainly don't want to fail now do we!

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