Monday, June 7, 2010

Cleaning Out Doris, the Taurus


Doris is our little "run around" car.
We've had her for about 9 months.
She's been neglected for some time now.
As you can clearly see...


The husband has a big bin full of car cleaning tools for our suburban.
I opted to keep it simple and use my own.

I cleaned all the crap out of the car.
I vacuumed everything...floors, garbage bins, seats.
Then I windexed all the vinyl and put the wet wipes (have I mention how much I love those?)to work.
I cleaned all the windows too--inside and out.
Didn't worry about the exterior...since it's white it doesn't look so bad.
And I drew the line at shampooing the floor and seats...remember, it is the "run around" car.

I finished at about 9 this morning...
Then I took the parents to the airport
The baby back to the hospital to have her stitches removed...
Oooh did she freak out!
Picked up the big boy from school
Took him to the hospital for some minor surgery
I freaked out a little
Made lime chicken burritos for dinner
I'm exhausted
Use a tray or cart to save steps and to carry heavy loads.
Whenever possible sit down to work.
Maintain good posture in easy work positions.
Push, pull, or slide heavy objects rather than lift them.
I may have to try that with the baby. She gets heavier every day.

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  1. You are awesome! And Doris looks great too.Uncle Loyd would be so proud..he always said, "A clean car is next to..." well I think what he said is something like "There is nothing better than a clean car." And he should know. He is the car cleaning expert in our family...and I like it that way. Seriously you are so amazing I just wish I could get a portion of the things done that you do.