Monday, June 28, 2010

Tree Removal

Back from the family vacation.
Today was a crazy busy day!
The husband took care of the project with the help of the little boy.
It's the neighborhood clean-up today.
In his rush to fill the dumpster before the rest of the neighbors, he forgot to take the BEFORE and THE TOOLS pictures.
So just picture in your mind several mostly dead aspen trees and a saw.
Here's a little splash of yellow in this cute father's day card the 8 year old daughter made the husband.


The husband loves trees.
Unfortunately his aspen trees had seen better days.

D tells us A person tends to become what you think of him. Think and speak highly of your husband and he will grow to fit the part if he doesn't already. Praise him for the fine things he is, be openly appreciative and grateful to him for what he does. You will find that he will respond by repeating his good deeds and by doing other things to please you.
I think the husband did a fine job of cutting down the trees.
Thanks husband for taking care of today's that I could go grocery shopping, make delicious black bean salsa, take the girls to violin lessons, take the big boy to get the staples out of his back, to work out at the HS and to his driving lesson (he'll have his license in a week or so--woohoo! I will be putting his driving skills to work right away).

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