Friday, July 23, 2010

Cleaning the Toaster Oven...

...or the Pizza cooker since it cooks more of those nasty (but we so love them) Totinos pizzas than anything else.


Before I could start THE PROCEDURE I had to whip up these...

Then I pulled out the racks and the tray on the bottom.

Apparently the tray doesn't do it's job very well because under it I found all of this...

I washed the racks, the tray and then the inside and outside of the oven.


Remember cute salt shaker Minnie?

She had a great fall :(
A project for another day.
I don't think D had toaster ovens back when she wrote this book.
I love this little appliance.
So handy for those small meals.
D says If you don't want to heat the oven just to warm a few light rolls for dinner, put them in the top part of your double boiler, over water, and heat them over one of the burners.
I bet she'd have used the toaster oven to warm those rolls if she had one.

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