Thursday, July 22, 2010


It's 5:00 and the dinner I had planned didn't quite work out...I hate it when that happens.
We had these for lunch...

Would it be wrong to have them again for dinner?
I love hot dogs, in all their variety's.
That's right.
I admit it.


I cleaned 7 doors today.


The juice box was one of many tools I smuggled into the movie theater earlier today in an attempt to keep the baby quiet.
I sprayed each door down and then wiped.
Not nearly as exciting as yesterday.


D says to Prepare food for two meals while cooking. (Serve other half for another meal in the week or freeze it for a later date.) Bake a double amount and freeze the other half for future use.
That would have really been helpful on a day like today...I did make a double batch of pizza sauce a few weeks ago, maybe I can whip something up with that.

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