Thursday, July 8, 2010

Creating Cards

Today was a really great day.
I took my 2nd nap of the year.
It was amazing.
The kids asked me if I was sick.
The daughter made this very fun patriotic crepe for dinner.
It's been quite the creative day around here.

For over a year I've been meaning to start attending my friend Debbie's card making classes.
I love homemade cards but the thought of coming up with an idea, shopping for all the supplies, and then cutting everything out--makes me want to take a nap.
Debbie does all the work and then all I have to do is assemble.
She's amazing.
Thanks Debbie!


And this would be my friend Denise displaying an unfinished project of her own...and won't it be so cute once it's completed!


First I managed to set my arm right on top of the ink pad.
Making the cards was so easy!
I gathered all my materials and assembled 6 cards.
2 of each.
It was painless.
The only thing that would have made it better is a bag of peanut M&M's.
Apparently it was BYOBOM&M's.
I didn't get the memo.

Isn't this guy the cutest thing ever!

And here I am...displaying all that creativity
along with a big wad of blue gum.
D shares this poem...
Promise yourself success
At the beginning of each day.
And you'll be surprised how often
Things turn out that way.
--Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
A nap + 6 homemade cards = a very successful day :)

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