Friday, July 9, 2010

The Wedding Scrapbook - Part 2

Today's BEFORE picture is Wednesday's AFTER picture...


Have I mentioned?
Not a fan of scrapbooking.
I pretty much trimmed the pictures and stuck them on the pages.


Getting Engaged

Bridal Showers

Engagement Pictures

Bridal Pictures

The wedding poem my dad wrote me.
I'll leave the journaling for another day.
I need to buy some corners to hold my actual wedding day photos and then I'll add them to the book.
The little boy had a Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich for lunch today...speaking of Bacon--
D says a half teaspoon of bacon drippings or other grease added to the water in which sweet potatoes are boiled will keep that hard-to-remove substance from forming on the sides of the pan.

The kids will be thrilled for me to have another excuse to make bacon.

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