Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trim for the French Doors


Check out the lovely gaps on either side of the doors...I bought the wood to finish them, I don't know, maybe 1 or possibly 2 years ago.

The husband used the big saw but the little one would have also worked.

I measured each side...both were about 80 1/2 inches tall.
Then the dryer stopped so I went to do a load of laundry...

The baby LOVES to help with laundry!
If you look closely you can see her dirty little feet...
She's recently found the toe jam between her toes.
She likes to eat it.
The kids make a face and say ewwww every time she does it,
she just laughs and eats some more.

Once I folded the clothes and got another load going the husband helped me cut the trim...while trying to fit the trim we ran into a couple of these guys...

So the husband pulled out a cute little handy dandy tool of his and fixed the problem...


Now doesn't that look better!
I still need to pull out the magic caulk that I love so much, and do a little painting but I'll save that for another day...meatloaf calls.

Speaking of laundry...D says Sort laundry efficiently by improvising a partitioned clothes hamper (one side for white clothes and the other side for colored clothes), or by purchasing a special laundry sorter which consists of three heavy, unbleached muslin bags suspended from a metal frame.
I am the special laundry sorter at our house...usually every Tuesday.

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