Monday, July 12, 2010

The Wedding Scrapbook - Part 3

Today's BEFORE pictures are Friday's AFTER pictures...
I won't bore you with posting all of them


Forgot the splash of yellow but here is a picture of my little guy up to bat at his baseball tournament last night...if you look close you'll see he's sporting a lovely splash of yellow on the back of his jersey.

The little boy's tournament was almost an hour away, and he had to be there an hour early so I loaded up all my supplies and did my project at the ball field both before and during the game...

I started by penciling in lines with a ruler
(I can't write in a straight line to save my life)
then I journaled all the pages.


I didn't take pictures of all the pages but I did journal them.
I promise.
Now I need to take a trip to the scrapbook store for supplies to finish up the book.
D says A wise parent will make it a practice to be present whenever a child is performing on a program...or in this family, whenever a child is playing baseball, softball, basketball and ESPECIALLY football!

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  1. Seeing the pictures of your husband reminds me how we were all in love with him when you were dating. :) Oh the memories... Anyway, I am so impressed that you are into your 7th month of this blog! You're amazing!