Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Wedding Scrapbook - The 4th and Final Part!

And it could very well be the FINAL scrapbook I ever put together.
I really find no enjoyment in scrapbooking whatsoever.
It brings out the worst in me.
If you don't believe me just ask the husband.


So I finally made it to the scrapbook store.
I cannot remember the last time I stepped foot into a scrapbook store.
In case you didn't know--I am a thinker.
I tend to think A LOT.
When the husband asks, "What are you thinking about?"
I have a hard time choosing which thought to share because I have at least 20 thoughts within 30 seconds.
I had several thoughts while browsing the scrapbook store...
Wow, my scrapbook is so boring compared to these examples--
I have saved the husband thousands and thousands of dollars by not scrapbooking all these years, he should really thank me--
Oh my! She's wearing a lot of makeup, I wonder how long it takes her to get ready in the morning?--
With all the millions of stuff here, why don't they have some wedding lettering?
I do not belong here, I need an Advil--
My sister Natalie would so love this place--
And that was just a few seconds worth of thoughts.
It can be exhausting being me.

I sorted through all the pictures and pulled out my favorites.
Then the baby came in to give me a lovin' and walk all over the pictures.
I counted the pages and figured out just how many pictures I would need.
Then I used my cute little corners to attach the pictures to the pages, pausing every few minutes for more baby lovin's (I did enjoy that part of the procedure).
I took a lunch break and then finished up with the journaling.
There may or may not have been some inappropriate language going on as I kept making mistakes and having to start over.

I won't post all of the pages but here are a few...

The husband is a really good kisser :)

D says There is something very special about you. You have gifts and talents which are your very own. Discover them, if you haven't already, and develop them.
I think we all know which gift and talent I DO NOT have, don't we!

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  1. This provide for a good laugh! And truth be told I think it's a Sollis trait to think 20 different things at one time. Truly a talent others should acquire! My hubby often tells me that I have way too many random thoughts!!! But to let you know I've lost all desire for scrapbook stores...probably because I know what hours lie ahead of me. Therefore I stay my distance. That's why everyone should have Sharon for a mother in law! Anyways sorry for lack of comments lately. I've been loving it all! And YOU!!!