Friday, July 16, 2010

Not sure what to call this project...

Maybe "Cleaning the base of the sliding glass door"?
Or perhaps "Cleaning the crud out from under the sliding glass door"?

This area REALLY bugs me.
It's been keeping me up at night.
Nobody else in the house notices or cares that it is filthy.
Just me.
(You've missed that Quick Job haven't you)

First I vacuumed...

Then I sprayed...

I got distracted for a minute and cleaned the vent that is right by the window...

And finally I wiped...we mom's are great wipers aren't we!


I feel so much better!
D tells us that Many pockets of time are empty in a homemaker's day; by putting them to swift use she can double her productivity.
These extra jobs are no more tiring than puttering around, but, oh, how joyful to be that much more on top of things at the close of day!
Cleaning whatever it was that I cleaned sure brought me a lot of joy this day :)

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