Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Bare Naked Wall


I came across this great sign a few months ago.
It's just been sitting in our office, on a little shelf above the closet.
I wanted to put it in a place where my family would see it every day.

This particular wall at the end of the hallway seemed perfect.
First I went shopping for a mirror.
I had the 5 and 8 year old little girls--they are cute but not so fun to shop for mirrors with.
I measured very carefully.
(Yet still ended up being 1/2 inch off center, oh well)

I even pulled out this tool to be sure the mirror was level.

I hammered a total of 4 nails into the wall--
yet ended up with 7 holes, go figure.
That mirror was not up but 5 minutes when the baby put her hands all over it.
If you look to the left of her head you'll see where she left her mark.


Yes, I am in my pajama's.
I did this project at 8:00 at night.
Might as well be comfortable.

D gives us a couple of GENERAL DECORATING HINTS.
A house should be individual--expressing you and your family.
A house should be beautiful--representing good taste in form, line, color, texture and space.

I did my best D.
Tomorrow more decorating...I see curtains on the horizon.


  1. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I was wavering, thank you for the reminder! They will happen!

  2. This looks GREAT! I can't wait to finally buy a house I can paint and decorate for my own. So many ideas, so little freedom in an apartment.