Monday, August 23, 2010

Catching Up...Day 1

The husband and I took off last week for a little get-a-way to Cache Valley.
We used to live there and love to go back.
It was a great end to a fun summer!
We got to watch our big boy play...

We ate Tiny Spicy Chicken
One of our favorite meals of all time!

And we did a session here...

It was a nice rest before
This house is currently out of order!
The kids went back to school today and the mom got busy!
I decided to take the next few weeks and tackle one room at a time.
I picked the worst one to start with.
The little girls room.


I just realized I forgot THE TOOLS
Picture in your mind a vacuum, garbage bags, and a duster.
Oh man, this took me hours--5 to be exact.
Here is a picture 2 hours in...

Remember a few months ago when I cleaned under the girls bed...
You'd never know it.
I kept it together and didn't swear not once.
I organized, and organized some more, and chucked a bunch and DI'd a bunch more.


In regards to children, D says Through consistently performing daily tasks such as making a bed and leaving a room in order, children develop habits which will serve them well for life. She also says: MAKE WORK EASY FOR THEM.
Getting rid of half their toys should make their work much easier!

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  1. i am so grateful that I still have 2 weeks until i get to start doing "back to school projects"