Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Catching Up...Day 2

You can get a lot done when you're up at 6...
even when you go back to bed from 7 til 8 :)
I decided to focus on the 1/2 bath and laundry area today.

Under the sink in the 1/2 bath.

How lovely, the the "Spring" sign is still hanging on the back door.
I am not a "do a load or 2 of laundry every day" kind of girl.
Laundry day is Monday.
Tuesday is finish up the laundry that did not get done on Monday.

Forgot THE TOOLS again.
Picture in your mind the shop vac, a mop, window cleaner, and the duster.
I realized I was out of toilet cleaner, so I pictured that in my mind while I improvised with window cleaner.

Started in the bathroom.
I vacuumed cobwebs and dusted the blinds.
Organized the mess under the sink,
cleaned the mirror, toilet, and sink.
Mopped the floor and vacuumed these...

This bathroom gets cleaned every Saturday by the 5 year old.
During the school year, when I am most organized and on a schedule, I also do a major bathroom cleaning every couple of weeks.
I was pleasantly surprised that the bathroom was in pretty good shape after only being cleaned by the 5 year old for the last 3 months.
Pretty sure the 5 year old cleans bathrooms better than the 16 year old.

Then I moved to the laundry area.
Shelley, if you're reading this I'm pretty sure Coleman left this sock at the cabin...have you missed it?
I folded and put away the last load of clothes.
Dusted the blinds.
Cleared off the washer and dryer and wiped them down.
Vacuumed the baseboards and floor.
Mopped the floor.
Cleared the coat hooks of everything that didn't belong.


I spent an hour putting these spaces in order.
I think my ironing board has seen better days.
D says When putting a new cover on your ironing board, first dip it in cold starch and then tack it firmly in place. As it dries it shrinks, leaving a smooth, taut surface that won't stretch and wrinkle the first time you iron on it. Also, the starch will keep it from getting soiled very easily, so it won't need changing quite so often.

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