Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Catching Up...Day 7!

This may look familiar.
After we went through the kids closets over the summer there was plenty that needed sorting.

There were no TOOLS but check out these cute new additions to my salt and pepper shaker collection!
They were a gift from my daughter's cute friend...she saw them and knew I would love them.
And I do!
Thanks again Haley!

I put off doing this until 7pm.
I sorted and sorted and sorted.
Some clothes went into the storage bins and some went into the DI bag...


This project required some lifting...
D says Bend at knees and hip joints instead of bending back. Use leg muscles rather than back muscles when lifting.

The bins weren't all that heavy but good advice nonetheless.

I think my all-day-sickness is getting a little better.
Today the daughter told me,
"Wow mom, you're getting big--but you look cute."
Do I take that as a compliment?

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