Friday, August 13, 2010

Cleaning Out the "Floral Supplies" Bin...

This is that bin I was telling you about yesterday.

Have I mentioned, one of my many jobs before homemaker was a florist?
I began working in a flower shop in High School and LOVED it.
It put me through my first year of college.
I also had my own business doing funeral flowers while we lived here...

We (me, the husband, the big boy--back when he was the only child) lived at this mortuary for over 2 years where the husband picked up dead bodies in exchange for was a simpler time then.

And then at this mortuary for only 2 months.
That bin is all I have left of the business.
I occasionally make a corsage or boutonniere, but that's about it.


I separated the trash

from the other stuff and wiped it all down as it was caked in dust.

I debated on whether to chuck these or send them to the DI...


Speaking of flowers, D says One striking observation she made while in Holland is that the homes in that the window sills in those red brick homes with the red tiled roofs are always filled with rows of flower pots--usually containing geraniums.
Those mortuaries we lived in always had an abundance of flowers.

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