Monday, August 16, 2010

Cleaning Out (gag) Trash Cans...


All but 2 (the recycle cans) should have liners in them...the children can be forgetful, more often than not.
Here is a close up of just's one of the worst of the 14.

I LOVE it when the husband and the kids throw gum into a garbage can with NO liner.


Once the children brought me all the cans we emptied them and then filled them with soap and hot water.

As they sat soaking, the baby discovered them and went around to inspect every one...she kept saying "ewe, ewe, ewe".

The cans were blocking the sink, and the dishes started piling up, so I had the kids relocate all the cans to the back porch to finish soaking.
They soaked all day.

Once the backyard was shaded me and the baby went to work scrubbing them out.
That was a fun job :(
Then my oldest daughter helped me rinse and dry them.


You don't need to see all of them right?
You get the idea.
We put liners in them and returned them to their homes,
but not before I threatened every child and husband in the house to keep liners in the cans and DO NOT EVER AGAIN throw gum into an empty can.
I said it in my very serious, very mean voice.
I think I got through to them.

D says In their home after breakfast, before the children can leave for school or play they must do other chores such as helping clear the kitchen, dusting, cleaning the bathroom, emptying the garbage, feeding the cat, practicing the piano.
Did you notice how big most of my garbage's are?
I buy them that big on purpose, that way they only need to be emptied once a week!


  1. As I read this, I'm trying to find the motivation to do a project, however nothing is happening! Hopefully D has something to say about unpacking after an eventful trip with the family! I'm impressed that you ventured on with this project in your present state!!:) It would've increased the gag reflex big time :/.

  2. Dang girl... I don't have that many trash cans... I feel like I should go get some more. Granted, I have a stylish 33 gallon one in my kitchen, which eats about 5 of yours! hahaha!

  3. i love this gag post! i missed reading this little blog, so inspiring!!!