Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Closing in the Hole in the Wall

The Seattle cousins are visiting...
Nothing better than watching 3-D movies at 8am.


2 years ago we had a cover built to go over our front porch.
Long story short, in order to make it work, we had to take out the old window and replace it with a smaller one.
I was in no rush to close it in because of the dust that the mudding and taping would bring.
I came up with a solution for's a project for another day.
I forgot to gather my dad's TOOLS for a picture so you'll just have to play "I Spy" and find them yourself.

First we hopped into my dad's van and went to The Home Depot.
Here's dad loading up the supplies.
The bill came to less than 10 bucks!
That is an all time low for me at the Home Improvement Store!

Dad cut all the pieces.
I stood there for support.
See my shadow...

Dad put the largest piece of sheet rock into place...

...and then we realized we forgot to put in the insulation...

Dad, I am just noticing you also forgot your's his trademark. I collect salt and pepper shakers, dad collects suspenders.

I was a great help--handing him the screws.
He did a fine job securing all of the sheet rock.


D says A good, effective schedule is not an iron-clad thing. It should be workable and flexible. You must be able to adjust, to accept interruptions such as all the things children can think up, illness in the family, visitors, and occasional spur-of-the-moment activities. A schedule should lead to happiness and satisfaction, not frustration and fret.

My dad and I scheduled to start this project at 2pm.
He was on schedule.
I was not...
Stuck at the high school trying to get the big boy registered.
Took forever.
Thanks to the dad for being flexible and adjustable--just like his suspenders!

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