Monday, September 20, 2010

The 2nd Coat

4:45 pm in the Beck kitchen.
The 9 year old is explaining to the 6 year old that Ken and Barbie met in kindergarten and have been together ever since.

And then Barbie (played by the 9 year old) puts on a Spanish talent show where she sings beautiful Spanish songs to her Kindergarten sweetheart about their fish that died today--who will be sorely missed, and some other song she didn't explain the meaning of, but it sounded so romantic--and I'm pretty sure I heard the word "chocolatay" several times.
It was all very entertaining for the mom while she made Italian Chicken for dinner.

Curious George fresh out of the washer.
See last Friday's AFTER picture for today's BEFORE picture and THE PROCEDURE.
Check out last Thursday's post for THE TOOLS.
Today's splash of yellow comes from the baby's very favorite Curious George!
D says Stuffed animals and dolls look almost as good as new after a good wash and fluff in an automatic washer and dryer. (Make certain, however, that the colors are fast and the seams are secure!)
Poor George was the victim of a little explosion today.
It was terrible...too terrible to mention, but I will say that it started with dia and ended with rhea.
The baby was devastated.
So was the Mom as she had to clean ALL the baby's bedding.
I took D's advice and gave George a good wash in the automatic washer.
He came out good as new and no longer smelled of you-know-what!


It looks so much better with a 2nd coat!
And then it was on to more baking...

3 birthday's down...only 1 left to go--the husband turns the big 39 on Friday.
I don't have to make his cake.
The Outback will be making him a delicious carrot cake.
If you haven't tried it, you should.


  1. hahahahhahahh man that barbie story just made my life! thank you for sharing!