Friday, September 17, 2010

More Painting...Beadboard and Baseboards


This little section of beadboard is begging for a face lift.
The paint I used 5 years ago wasn't great (I tried a new brand, never used it again).

THE TOOLS are the same as last Thursday's.
And here is a lovely splash of yellow.

I cracked open the paint can and went to wasn't covering the original paint very well.
It didn't take long to see it would need a second coat.


I took time to read the instructions (shocker) and decided to follow them (another shocker).

Tomorrow is Saturday AND another birthday so I'll be allowing it to dry over 3 nights before recoating.
I guess it's time we move on to
Facet #10
(There are 20 facets in all, I should probably move this along)
An ideal homemaker's activities are well-balanced.
Though she may be noted for a speciality and devote a major part of her time to one particular phase, she doesn't spend all of her time cooking, or does she concentrate on sewing, or on cleaning, or on reading, or on outside interests.
She reaches out to include in her life stimulating projects which serve as an incentive to her.
Monday I reach out and make ANOTHER Birthday Cake.
It feels more like a duty than an incentive.

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