Friday, September 3, 2010

Dining Room Chairs...

I don't think we've spent much time in this room.
The dining room table is my favorite thing in the house.
The husband's parents gave it to us for a housewarming gift.
It holds lots of wonderful family memories...
Sunday dinners, family dinners, holidays, birthdays, game nights.
Every morning we gather around it for family prayer and scripture study.
The top of the table is beautiful which is why I don't dare take the cover off...although I'm considering removing it for my birthday later this year.

Here is one of the 7 chairs that needed cleaning.
The husband's still looks like new.
The chair cushions have taken a beating with spills...and most recently crayon from the baby who loves to color.

I sprayed Quick Job and let it sit a while.
Then I went to work scrubbing.


D says My grandmother had a wise philosophy. She said, "Before your husband comes home, have the table set. The psychological effect is remarkable; he'll think dinner is nearly ready (though it may not be) and will contentedly sit down with the newspaper."

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