Thursday, September 2, 2010

Giving the Vents a Facelift...

8:30am at the Beck house...


This was how all of our vents looked when we moved in.
My friend Cami suggested I spray my light switch covers with hammered metals spray paint (see THE TOOLS). That went so well that I also painted the vent covers. Somehow I missed the bathroom vent (see above) and a couple of the others I painted needed to be touched up (see below).

I love this stuff!
It comes in several different colors and has a great finish.

The only thing I like better than painting, is spray painting!

Took the vents outside and sprayed them.
And then sprayed some more.


Did you like how I'm training the baby to vacuum?
She loves it.
She thinks it's fun.

D says It takes years of teaching , training, showing, patience, diligence, understanding, and encouragement along with lots and lots of follow-up to really prepare a child to be a good worker who can make a contribution in life., But when he finally learns, his accomplishments and successes will make all your efforts more than worthwhile.

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