Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Out with the Small...in with the Large

I accomplished 2 projects today.
1 organizing project and 1 service project...
I am 15 weeks pregnant...
the bad news is, I could easily be mistaken for 25 weeks pregnant...
the good news is, I haven't gained any weight.
It was time to put away the "small" clothes and pull out the "LARGE" clothes.

I cleared, sorted, chucked...
and realized I hardly have any LARGE maternity clothes for Winter since my last 3 babies were born in September.

I sent quite a few things to the DI...including these hot Girbaud jeans.
I think they were my little brothers and then somehow they became mine--I've had them for like 20 years.


The "Flower" project...

A dear friend of the family passed away so my mom and I made 19 corsages and 1 boutonniere for the funeral.


My Mom is a great homemaker...
she does things I'll never do, like grow a big garden, can chili sauce, sew, and she can even clean fancy draperies.
D says When children work with you rather than against you, the housework isn't much of a problem at all. And as a result, there's lots of time for family fun.
It was fun working with and visiting with the Mom!
We talked about all kinds of things...
from me telling her 'should anything ever happen to me please sign the husband up for "Meals on Wheels" otherwise he'll only eat cereal and McDonalds', to how much I miss my brother and sister-in-law who just moved to Arizona :(
The Mom loves the Husband so I know she'll be sure to fulfill my request if ever necessary.
The Mom has loved the Husband for almost as long as I have.
When we were Juniors in High School I tried to break up with the Husband--I guess back then he was the Boyfriend-- but the Mom counseled me, 'Becky, I'll support you in whatever you do but I don't think you'll ever find anyone who treats you as good as Kevin (the Boyfriend who is now the Husband) does.'
The Mom was right.
So glad I took her advice.

I'm out of town tomorrow for the funeral.
Back for more projects on Thursday.


  1. Girbaud jeans, really? Awesome. Always wanted a pair, could never afford a pair! But what a flashback!

  2. Wow. I have nothing else. You have amazed me through this journey this year, but you are pregnant with your 7th child AND doing this? I will not be sharing this blog with my husband. He already thinks that I am a bit of a slacker.

  3. We miss you too Becky! Can't wait for you to visit. I need a picture to prove that you look as pregnant as I am...