Thursday, September 16, 2010

Painting Some of My Baseboards & Butterfly Cakes...

I have A LOT of baseboards!
They have been looking a little hammered so it's time they had a face lift.

Big day at the Beck house!
Today marks the beginning of our
September Birthday Extravaganza!
4 of the 8 members of our family have birthdays this month.
As soon as we finished our morning routine I got busy...


I didn't want to change into painting clothes so I rolled up the pajama pants and put on an apron.
I looked hot.

I really like Lowes Valspar High Gloss paint.
I painted baseboards for just over an hour, focusing on the main living areas.

They look SOOO much better.

With the painting behind me I could get to work on the 6 year old's birthday cake.

These are my first "fancy" cakes.
Costco usually makes our cakes but the 6 year old LOVES the show "Cake Boss" and insisted I make her a fancy cake.
That was a lot of pressure for someone as challenged as I am in the baking department.

I think they turned out pretty cute for an amateur.
D says baking birthday cakes is even more fun if the children are allowed to help with the baking and decorating.
The children were at school but the Husband was a great help with the skittles.
He loves skittles.
Maybe I'll make him a cake covered in Skittles later this month.

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