Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Washing the "Bottom" Kitchen Cupboards...

5:00pm at the Beck home...any guesses as to what they're doing?

Their very own recording studio, right at the kitchen counter!
They made up songs for a good was cute for about the first 10 minutes.


Continuing with the wood theme I decided to clean up the cabinets...I cleaned all of the ones below the counter, these are the worst of them.


Same as yesterday but I had to pull out the doobie and toothbrush.
I was reminded of how badly they need a new coat of stain.
I stained the bathroom cabinets last Spring to get a feel of how to do it.
I just haven't got around to buying the stain for the kitchen.
I'll get around to it this weekend.


The lighting was being difficult so they look strange, but they do look better, and will look much better after they're stained.

D says Singing together as a family can be memory-building fun.
My boys aren't big singers...but during family night EVERYONE sings.
The husband makes anyone not singing sing a solo--the last thing the boys want to do is sing a solo.

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  1. haha i want to be a part of their studio!! let me sing back up!