Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jackhammering the Crooked Porch...


If you look at the bricks at the top of the picture below you can see where the porch once was and how far it's dropped over the years.
We are replacing it with a wooden deck to match the wood trim on our house.


The husband headed to The Home Depot to rent the tool.
He got to work right away...
I think he started around 9am.

To the left is the beginnings of the new wood deck.
I'll post more pictures of that another day.

We thought this would be a 4 hour project...

Unfortunately, 7 hours later, we were still left with this much porch...


To clarify--we won't be getting rid of all of it.
We just need to remove enough for the deck to fit over it.
After 7 hours of jackhammering the husband is walking like an old man.
He's going to let his back and neck heal and then he'll continue jackhammering next week.

D asks the question--Now, what are the husband's responsibilities around the home and yard? One Saturday evening at a banquet, Marion D. Hanks commented that he had spent the afternoon around his home "honey-doing". When questioned as to what he meant, he said, "Oh, it was 'honey do this' and 'honey do that'.

I don't think jackhammering the porch is a responsibility of a husband.
He's going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure the wife gets her new porch in time to decorate for Halloween!

I owe him, big time!

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