Friday, September 10, 2010

Washing the Upper Cabinets...


The upper cabinets were in good shape...just some finger prints and a little dust.

Are the same as Wednesday's.
How do you like my new addition to the salt and pepper shaker collection.
My cute neighbor heard I was a collector and gave these to me.
Thanks Lois!
I washed the cupboards.
Cleared the shelves and wiped them down.
I think the bottom cupboards took me an hour.
The top only took 10 minutes.


Yay for the weekend!
Date Night and Football tonight...
More Football and Pizza/Movie night tomorrow...
And our monthly tradition of Sunday Dinner and Family Night with my side of the family.
I'm going to have a house full!

D says These traditions are what make families firm and substantial. They give solid roots in the past and hopes for the future. They are little things by themselves, but put together they spell family life.

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