Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Beautiful Pantry--Day 3


This is the 3rd day in a row my kitchen has been a bit of a disaster...I thought only doing a shelf or two at a time would keep this from happening...not so much.

One of THE TOOLS...

The aroma is a little strong in that pantry so I decided to take D's advice about the "bucket of water" trick...I think it works.
I got an early start and worked for about an hour.

I ended up painting a first coat on the wall and the entire 2nd shelf.
Busy day.
By the time I could get back to the pantry for a 2nd coat it was late--I opted to watch The Office with the husband and save the 2nd coats for tomorrow.


It will look much better tomorrow when I get around to that 2nd coat.

D gives some principles of color decorating--Never use equal proportions of warm and cool colors, It is good to have one predominating color in a room, and an easy formula to remember is: "Something dull and something bright."

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