Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Beautiful Pantry...Day 2


Add these TOOLS to the ones I used yesterday.

I painted one coat of the orangeish/red/brown color at about 7:30am--took about 40 minutes.
Then I took a 12 hour break to take 4 kids to the dentist (always a good time), meet the mom and the friend for lunch, and about a million other little things.
At 7:30pm I went back to work for about an hour painting a second coat on the walls and painting the top shelf brown--the 2 shelves that aren't covered in green wallpaper are getting paint instead of "stick-on" paper.


The thing about a space like this is it takes much longer to paint than if it were a regular room.
Patience is a virtue.
A virtue I don't have much of.
D gives more painting advice...To restore a neglected paintbrush, soak it in hot vinegar.
Question: What are the chances I painted the top of that brown shelf?


  1. You inspire me...I have been painting all my trim and doors after you posted you did your trim. We have lived in this house almost 8 years and I can't believe I waited that long to touch up. I look like I have a brand new home. Now I want to do my pantry but I think I will do the whole thing in the high gloss white. So jealous you went to lunch with mom and a friend...I would love more details about that!

  2. You did it so beautifully:)

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  3. Go Becky Go!! It's all lookin' sa good! So jealous I wasn't the FRIEND you went to lunch with! :(