Monday, October 11, 2010

A Beautiful Pantry--Day 5

Today's To-Do List
-Do 5 loads of laundry
Get the quarterly taxes ready for the accountant
-Make 6 pizzas
-Return 2 redboxes
-Get as much done in the pantry as possible

This morning the husband greeted me with a
"Wow, the kitchen has really gotten away from you hasn't it!"


Added a new TOOL today

I got busy painting at around 7:45 this morning.
I worked for about 3 hours...pausing here and there to change the laundry.
At about noon I began to panic since I would need a good amount of counter space to make pizzas and at that moment I had NONE.
So I made some space.

The husband took the kindergartner to school since I hadn't got around to taking a shower or putting on a bra.
Took a 45 minute lunch break--ate a potato with avocado and sour cream and watched Sister Wives.
Not quite sure what to think of that show.
Painted for another couple of hours and then got busy making Pizzas...
1 for the Evans Family
2 for the Stumph's
and 3 for the Becks


In regards to preparing meals, D says to
Begin preparations in an orderly kitchen--all evidence from the previous meal should have been cleared away.

The Good News: The pizza was amazing and I did finally get a shower.
The Bad News: I didn't get the quarterlies ready and the pizzas were not prepared in an orderly kitchen.

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  1. All's I can say is "you da woman,THE PREGNANT WOMAN!!!!" Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!! I think you just need to put your feet up and give yourself some time off. Momma said!!!!