Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Beautiful Pantry--Day 6


I'm afraid this pantry project has gotten a little boring.
This is me with the mom and 3 of the 4 sisters...
Sadly, no one is wearing yellow:(
My sister Natalie (the one in the green shirt) sent me a fun Halloween surprise today all the way from Seattle Washington!

Aren't they so cute!
They go great with these...

(a gift from the mother-in-law a year or two ago)


I can see the light at the end of the pantry.
This area needs a 2nd coat of red.
There is one small wall to paint.
The baseboards and trim need a fresh coat of high gloss white.
And of course, the lovely sticky paper on the shelves.
D says To prevent silver salt and pepper shakers and other silver pieces from tarnishing, store them in air tight containers such as plastic bags tied with an elastic.
I currently don't have any silver salt and pepper shakers...but when I get some, I'll know how to store them.

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  1. I see duct tape where those shelves meet. I had a similar problem in my old house. Try Gorilla Glue. Worked great. Really held up. You can't put any stuff on the shelf for 24 hors, but you can put sticky paper on it while you wait!