Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Curtains

Okay, they aren't really Halloween curtains--
but they are black and it's October so it works.


These are our garage windows.
When we first moved in we stuck some cardboard at the bottom of the windows for privacy, leaving the top open for light.
Should I say it?
Might as well since you're all thinking it.
Totally looks ghetto.

I used black fabric to sew some simple curtains...the same size as the decorative cardboard we will be replacing.

This is what the curtain looks like compared to the cardboard...
Why did I wait 5 years to do this?
It really looks so much better.


Since I used thread as one of my tools today I thought I'd share a little story D tells about the power of thread...
The story is told of a giant who visited the land of the Pigmy's. He roared with laughter at the tiny bodies and the great pretensions of those miniature folk. He ridiculed their weakness and insignificance, but when he fell asleep, they bound him with innumerable threads and he awoke to find himself a helpless captive.
The Pigmy's and the threads they used were just little things compared to the size of the giant, but all together their strength was greater than his. SUCH IS THE POWER OF HABIT--small, weak, and insignificant in its beginning, but strong as a band of iron when frequently repeated to become part of our character.
Now I'm off to make my children very happy by cooking them BACON to go with their pumpkin waffles.
It's Waffle Wednesday you know!

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  1. Oh, I thought you had had a drive by shooting so you had to replace the windows with wood. You learn something new everyday about those you love!