Monday, October 4, 2010

Painting the Pantry...Some Good News & Some Bad News

Good News!
Costco actually paid me today!
That's a switch.

AND the mother-in-law made us these delicious sugar cookies!

More Good News!
The husband and little boy are back from their mighty hunting trip.
I guess our little boy is not all that little.
He's almost 12.
He's our child that flies under the radar.
He's quiet, polite, so helpful, and NO maintenance--which I really appreciate since he was followed by 3 HIGH maintenance little sisters!

Bad News...
I struggled big time trying to find my last tool for this project.
I needed some contact paper to cover the shelves
(since there was NO WAY I was going to remove the ugly green wallpaper).
My choices were limited.
Home Depot ended up having the best selection...which wasn't all that great.

I settled on this...

It's not great, but definitely better than forest green wallpaper.
Now that I have the final tool I'll get started painting tomorrow.

The Final Good News!
The Mouse problem is under control!

BAD News
I cannot seem to get past feeling puky.
Every night, around the time I need to start fixing dinner, it hits.
Makes preparing dinner extra fun.

D shares another use for contact paper (or "stick on" paper as she calls it)...One mother decided to prepare some Treasure Chests as Christmas presents for her three children. She secured some appropriate boxes from the grocery store, covered them with attractive stick-on paper, and then began filling them.

Maybe I'll have some "stick on" paper left over to make a treasure chest or two.

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