Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy 9 Days of October!

Ever since the mother-in-law gave us this quilt I have thought,
"Wouldn't it be so fun to use the pockets for
The 9 Days of October".
Today I finally make it happen.


I traced the ghosts with markers.

Decided to go the second mile and color them too!

I wrote a fun treat or activity on the back of each ghost.

And then filled all the pockets.


It's not quite as exciting as when Grandma fills them later in the month but it will be a fun thing for the kids to look forward to at the beginning of October.

Today's ghost says "Read a new Halloween Book".

D says, A worthy tradition is for a family to read together for five or ten minutes each morning. It's surprising how many books can be read and how much knowledge can be gained in this manner.

Now I'm off for a grocery shopping project.
Tomorrow and Sunday we get to enjoy this October family tradition.
We watch all 4 sessions together--and it's my job to provide lots of yummy things to eat!

No sign of the far.
Thank you mother for your wise advice.
We'll be making a trip to the IFA for mice killing yellow and blue bricks.

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  1. What are these mice killing yellow and blue bricks? (I am sure I will get to reading it as I read through your blog.... but, until I get more familiar with blog reading....)