Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Projects...Including my 1st Turkey!

Project #1--Pies

I actually made 5 but we ate one.

Project #2--fixing the shepherd

We decorated for Christmas today!

This shepherds fingers broke off a few years ago. I found them months ago in the midst of one of my projects.


Project 3--Popcorn for the Tree


The husband and I strung popcorn for the tree the 2nd year of our marriage and we used that same popcorn every year, until last year--when the baby started eating it, the daughter insisted we needed new popcorn so she threw away the popcorn and she and her friend started stringing fresh popcorn...but then stopped after only 2 strands.

So today the same friend and the daughter decided to finish their popcorn project!


Project #4--The Turkey!
No TOOLS...except my hands :(

I mixed pepper, sage and rosemary.
Washed the turkey.
Removed the innards (dry heave) and some of the fat.
Then I rubbed the big guy down with the spices.

I put him in the fridge where he'll stay until 2:30am when I put him in the oven for 12 hours! I'll post the AFTER on Monday!

The kids were a huge help to me today.
I couldn't have got the Christmas decorations up without them.
D says Teaching children to work and putting up with all their messes and inadequacies is a real challenge. It would be lots easier to shoo your children out of the house, lock the door, and do it all yourself. But that's not what mothers are for.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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