Monday, November 29, 2010

Out with the Old Fish Bowls...In with the New Can Lights!

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday!
The turkey turned out so amazing I was crowned Turkey Queen and have been assigned to turkey duty on my side of the family for the remainder of my days.
Unfortunately my camera disappeared for a few hours and I missed getting a picture of the beautiful bird.
My sister took this picture of my two beautiful girls waiting patiently for the turkey to come out of the oven :)

I am VERY excited about today's project!
If you'd like to revisit a past lighting post go HERE.

I forgot to photograph THE TOOLS and THE PROCEDURE seemed way to complicated for me to try and understand or explain...which is why I left it all up to the professional--the Dad!


I used to have to be careful when I opened that cupboard--or it would hit the old fish bowl light.

If you look close you'll see that part of our ceiling (above the magnet board) is covered in paper and duct tape--that's a story and a project for another day when the Dad comes back to help.

D teaches us that Instead of your home being just a "short-order house," it can be a hallowed place where children learn life's great lessons, gain proper values, and build up memories which will enrich their lives and help determine their destinies. As a homemaker, establish traditions in your own family...Perhaps there are traditions from your childhood you would like to have perpetuated in your own family, or maybe you can originate some yourself or adopt ideas from others. As an artist in homemaking, these traditions will add color and depth to the great picture you're painting.
One tradition we started a few years ago was taking a short family trip, usually the day after Thanksgiving...this years trip was so fun! You can read about it HERE.

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