Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Painting the Front Doors


I was so excited to get started on this project that I forgot THE TOOLS picture but here is a picture of the most important tool--the paint!

My friend Rachel painted her front door this color--FEDORA.
We have the same color brick so I am hoping it looks as great on my doors as it does on hers.
I painted the squares and rectangles on the doors first.
(pretty sure they have an actual name but I can't place it)
I was immediately reminded that painting this particular front door can be tedious.
I tried to be fast...but tedious and fast do not go together.
I painted from 1:30pm until about 7:30pm, taking only 1 potty break.
I kind of went into crazy Becky project mode--where everyone and everything gets neglected except for the project I'm in the middle of.
The husband and kids almost had to eat cereal for dinner but the daughter offered to whip up some homemade mac and cheese in exchange for 15 minutes off her violin practicing.
I took the deal and worked straight through dinner while she fed the troops.

By the time I finished (2 coats) it was dark and I couldn't tell what it looked like or get a good picture so you'll have to tune in tomorrow for the AFTER...
Instead here are my 6 cute kids on Halloween!

The kids thought they were so funny in these glasses.
They kept cracking jokes like--
Oh wait, take the picture again, I blinked!
I'm having trouble seeing, let me put on my glasses.
(The 11 year old's Sunday School teacher did not think it was funny when he used that one in class last Sunday)
D tells us there is value in playing with children--on their level--all year round. This helps her children to be creative--a talent sadly lacking in this generation; it forms a companionship between them and her which will help weather the tensions and temptations of adolescence; and it enriches their childhood with memory-making fun.
Thanks to the Grandma for the memory-making fun glasses!

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  1. Those are just too funny!! Where did you find these glasses?