Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Staining the Porch/Deck and the Front Doors AFTER Picture

The Door AFTER and Porch BEFORE picture...

I don't know if I love the door color.
I definitely don't hate it.
And I definitely do like it more than the old color.
It needs a wreath or something I think.


The husband and I got started at about 10:30 this morning.
We began by reading the directions...all of them.
Then we got to work...I worked on cutting in the edges and the husband used the "Deckmate" tool.
The "Deckmate" tool was a disaster.
(I feared that little gadget might be too good to be true)
The stain came pouring out of it.
So we both used brushes and we brushed, and we brushed and we brushed.
We were very happy with the look of it.

We worked until about noon when the Kindergartner had to go to school.
I kept working while the husband dropped off the daughter and hit the dollar menu at McDonalds for lunch.
We finished at 1:00pm.


(ignore the blue tape at the bottom of the stairs)

We love it!
It probably won't be so shiny when it's dry but the color is great!

D says A tradition of character-building value is to encourage your children each evening as they prepare for bed to tell you one thing they did during the day which they should improve upon, and then have them relate the choicest happening of the day. By the way, such a plan of evaluating the day can be of merit to parents, too.

The choicest happening of my day was staining the deck with the husband :)


  1. It's all just so beautiful!!! Have you forgotten that you are with child? I think you are going to feel all of this in the morning. haha Love the color of the doors and the deck, it all just looks real nice.....

  2. I would like to see you pregnant with your belly in one of these pictures!!! Thanks