Monday, November 15, 2010

Painting the Hall in the Basement

The entire basement has been painted within the last few years except the hallways and a bathroom.

and this strange little space...


Today I started with the ceiling--of course.
I always start at the top and work my way down.
I tend to avoid the basement.
My teenagers live down there.
They struggle when it comes to cleaning their rooms.
And during football season--the smell coming from the boys room is almost as bad as rotten potatoes.
They are supposed to do a thorough room cleaning on the weekends.
They didn't.
All 3 of them are in trouble.
All TV remotes and iPods have been confiscated.


D quotes more from Sterling W. Sill...
"The opinion has sometimes been expressed that it may be a good thing to 'let off steam' once in a while or to 'blow one's top.' One can't do this many times before he starts blowing his blood vessels and his nervous system and the success of the organization for which he is responsible. The ancient law still applies that 'whom the gods destroy they first make mad."
Oh I'm mad all right.
The kids can only hope I let off all my steam before they get home from school.

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  1. Hi! Cool blog! I know I'm really going to enjoy your updates. :) This too is my mission...I just wish I had enough discipline as you to actually work towards it every single day. :)