Friday, November 12, 2010

More Organizing in the Storage Room

We've been down this road BEFORE...

I had my girls blessing dresses in my closet and wanted to relocate them to the storage room.
I also wanted to sort through and separate some hand-made blankets I'm saving for my kids.
And of course I had a bunch of summer clothes that needed to be sorted through and put away.
No TOOLS today.
I had been sorting for just a few minutes when I noticed a nasty smell. It took me no time at all to find the source...

Not many things smell worse than rotten potatoes.
I got it all cleaned up--dry heaving as I went along.
And then it was back to sorting and putting clothes away...


D quotes Cleon Skousen saying, "A mother should be a perfect imperfectionist."
She must train herself to make the best of every situation, she must learn to adjust and take things in her stride, and learn to realize and be prepared for the fact that there will be occasional times when things won't go smoothly.
On days like today, when I don't get to my project until 7pm, it's pretty much a given that things didn't go smoothly that day.

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