Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another Shelf...

Today at approximately 10pm I remembered I had not yet done my project.
I am losing brain cells by the minute.
I chalk it up to my lingering head cold that is really getting me down ...and this 7th pregnancy probably has a thing or two to do with it.

We borrowed this cool TOOL from my Dad.

Remember I painted this shelf last week so all we had to do was nail it together and then nail it to the wall. (By we, I mean the husband)

The little boy has this great collection of tiny football helmets.
Now they have a home.
If I didn't collect salt & pepper shakers, I think I would collect these...

FACET # 19
(only 1 more to go!)
An ideal homemaker will seek divine guidance through prayer, so that her home may be an extension of heaven and so that she may walk in partnership with God in rearing the precious little souls he has sent her.
I love this facet!
Mothering and homemaking is far too complicated to do by myself.

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