Friday, December 10, 2010

House #'s & No Soliciting--Part 2

Today's BEFORE picture is yesterday's AFTER picture...
The bad news: I'm still sick.
The good news: 50% of the kids have not gotten sick.
I applied the vinyl lettering to the painted boards and then hung the signs outside.

This "no soliciting" sign is long over due!

It creeped me out a little to display my house numbers online so if you look closely, above the door you'll see the bottom of the sign.

(only 2 more to go!)
In summary, an ideal homemaker is an artist in general management so that her home is able to function at its peak performance and fulfill its lofty purpose and so that she along with her husband and children can reflect the joy, order, and progressive spirit therein. She does not try to accomplish this thirty years at a time, but strives to practice being an artist in management and homemaking JUST FOR TODAY.

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