Monday, January 31, 2011

Closing Up the Hole in the Ceiling (FINALLY!)...

Funny story.
About 4 years ago the husband and I thought it would be great to build a room over the dining room for our then 8 year old son.
The space was already framed so we figured turning it into a room would be easy.
As soon as we started talking about it the husband cut a hole in the ceiling to get a better look at the space.
When we had a contractor come look at it he said in order to build it to code the highest point of the room would be 5 feet, the lowest point would be 2 feet--probably not tall enough for a growing 8 year old.
So we abandoned the idea.
And there the hole has sat--covered in paper and duct tape.
Until last week, when we finally fixed it!

I called the Dad in for this project...but failed to take a picture of his tools.
My only job was to paint.

The Dad cut the very crooked hole to be more of a square.
He added a 2X4 and closed it in with a piece of sheet rock.
He taped and mudded...

And textured...

A couple of days later I finished up with my high gloss white paint.

It's as if it NEVER happened!
Thanks to the Dad!
I love this advice from D...
Every day do something that does not have to be done again the next day.
It can bolster your attitude toward housework to balance work that never stays done with a task that can be completed once and for all. If it seems that your life is a never ending cycle of washing dishes, changing diapers, and dusting furniture, treat yourself to a sense of completion by doing something that stays done. This could be making a journal entry, compiling a page in the family album, sending a note to someone, painting a room, doing some handiwork, refinishing a piece of furniture, or reading a book.
And I would add, closing up a hole in the ceiling--We will never have to do that again :)

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  1. Hi Becky, I love your blogs I sent and email to beckybeck.dls@... a couple of weeks ago. It is on this very topic;). Did you get it? Thanks for inspiring me! Jana