Monday, January 24, 2011

So What Now?

I thought I'd post a little update on "Life After the DLS Projects"...

After doing a project every week day of 2010 it's pretty much become habit for me. I've cleaned, organized or finished something every week day of 2011--so far!
I love it!
I'm also motivated to get "Spring Cleaning" done before this baby arrives.

My kids have been great little helpers and hopefully they are learning to be great little future homemakers :)

I've decided that I miss this blog so I'll keep posting here and there as I do new projects.
I've also been reading Daryl's book The Ultimate Career and she has LOTS more great advice so I think I'll share more of her wisdom as well!

D says,
Don't make excuses for clutter...and Remember, messes multiply; clutter attracts more clutter.
She's right. I've noticed that it only takes one item out of place to start a chain reaction--then before you know it, it's multiplied and attracted more clutter, just like she says.
I've also noticed that children just naturally attract clutter and at our house it's the children that seem to multiply!

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  1. So glad you aren't going away! This has been an awesome blog and you have done amazing things. It has been so fun to check in on you and see whats happening each day. Good luck with your new little one and keep us entertained here too. Love You!