Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Sorting Project and the FINAL Toilet Project

Just 2 weeks after I had #7 I put away the Maternity Clothes
(I usually don't get around to putting them away for months after the baby is born)


Kept some and got rid of some.
Freed up all kinds of space in my closet :)
Just before I had #7 my Dad replaced our last toilet!
For the record, I quit cleaning it after it broke.
It's disgusting, I know.

LOVE this toilet!
It's fancy.
Has a separate flusher for #1 and #2
D says Use the best tools for your trade: large and small appliances, practical gadgets, and effective cleaning products. These make up a fleet of servants eager to serve you at your command. Stay alert to new and better products. Some favorite "helpers" include the following: Disposable wipes for quick cleaning and disinfecting kitchen and bathrooms, telephones, computers and doorknobs.
I LOVE disposable wipes--I have a pack of them in every bathroom cabinet to assist my bathroom cleaning. I command those wipes to clean the outside of my new toilet and they are eager to serve :)


  1. i just watched julie and julia and you are just being julie right now!

  2. Becky - What a fun blog! My cute mother in law "D" told me the whole story, so now I can see on your blog everything that you've done! Congratulations! She really IS as great as you think! :)