Friday, April 1, 2011

The Fireplace

Remember THIS post?

(Probably not)

Check out the bare naked fireplace



I was shopping for storage containers at Target when I came across the supplies I needed to dress the fireplace.


And the best part...they were on clearance so I got them both for under 10 bucks! I always love a bargain. Now we just need to use the fireplace--5 1/2 years in the house and we've never used the fireplace.

D tells us to Be prepared. You knew yesterday that you would be hungry today. And you knew yesterday you would need clean clothes today. It is smart to do everything you possibly can in advance; you never know when a last-minute situation will make you glad you did.

Thanks to our crazy Utah weather I know today I'll be cold tomorrow. I should be prepared and get some firewood in case the power goes out and we have no heat :)

1 comment:

  1. I love that you are still keeping the blog! Keep up the good work:)
    Definitely make plans to be able to use the fire place, but first have your chimney cleaned! There are a lot of fires that happen from the build-up in chimneys.