Friday, July 15, 2011

New Appliances

The Husband removing our dishwasher...

The BAD News: The Beck House (our old house that we rent out) needed the stove and dishwasher replaced

The GOOD News: We have been wanting to change out our appliances to stainless steel so rather than buy new appliances for The Beck House, we replaced them with our stove and dishwasher and the husband bought me new appliances :)

That's what I call WIN WIN!

My Dad has always installed our appliances but the husband and I determined that he was a big boy and could figure out how to do it himself. He printed off online instructions for changing out a dishwasher.
(If you look closely you'll see the lovely splash of yellow all over the walls in the kitchen of The Beck House)
He was feeling pretty confident until he realized the dishwasher at The Beck House was hard wired and the one at our house had a plug...a quick phone call to my dad for instructions and away he went, rewiring that dishwasher. He asked me to please stay with him in case he got electrocuted. He didn't :)
Once we got The Beck House in order we picked out new appliances for our house.


This guy hasn't worked right for years and about 9 months ago it completely died, at just 5 years old. I pretty much have a hate/hate relationship with a certain brand of appliances I won't mention but it starts with a G and ends with an E.

Thank goodness D isn't coming today--what would she think!?

The Lowes guys were scheduled to come around 1pm but at 11am they call to ask if they could come in 20 minutes...Sure, I say as I may or may not have been half dressed with wet hair talking to my sister on the other line when they called.

The husband went right to work...


D says Learn to do it yourself, depending on whether you want to save money or time. For example: *Do minor household repairs *Maintain a garden *Make your own cleaning solutions (stay tuned, doing more of that next week) *Cut family members' hair *Restore or refinish furniture. *Make slipcovers, window treatments, etc. *Specialize in handcrafted gifts...that reminds me, last week while I was driving to the DI I saw a sign that read "I LIKE TO MAKE HOMEMADE GIFTS, WHICH OF MY CHILDREN DO YOU WANT?" I'm still cracking up over that.


  1. I'm so glad that you have this blog. It makes me feel like some part of me is a homemaker because I do household repairs, I have a garden, I have made my own cleaning solutions, but I can't cut hair. Your kitchen looks beautiful!

  2. Kim you are every should give yourself more credit!